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How Different Seasons Affect The Way Your Brain Works, Carolyn Gregoire, HUFFINGHTON POST, 02/2016

Four billion people facing severe water scarcity, Mesfin M. Mekonnen and Arjen Y. Hoekstra, SCIENCE ADVANCES, 02/2016

The Supreme Court just gave a great explanation of our baffling electricity system, , THE WASGHINTON POST, 01/2016

10 greenest countries on the planet, ECOTECHTUBE, 01/2016

Six Foods Bill Marler Never Eats, Bill Marler, FOOD POISON JOURNAL, 01/2016

Future cost-competitive electricity systems and their impact on US CO2 emissions, Alexander E. MacDonald, Christopher T. M. Clack, Anneliese Alexander, Adam Dunbar, James Wilczak & Yuanfu Xie, NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE, 01/2016

US could cut power emissions 78% by 2030 using existing technology, says study, Sophie Yeo, CARBON BRIEF, 01/216

Rapid, affordable energy transformation possible, UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO, 01/2016

‘UAE water consumption highest in the world’, EMIRATES 24, 01/2016

UAE banks on ‘rainmakers’ to secure future water supply, Suzanne Goldenberg, THE GUARDIAN, 01/2016

How does climate change affect coral reefs? TEACH OCEAN SCIENCE, 01/2016

Coal Dropped From Vietnam’s Future Energy Plans, BLUE&GREEN, 01/2016

Deadly Heat Is Forecast in Persian Gulf by 2100, , THE NEW YORK TIME, 12/2015

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